Getting started with training

So, you want to deliver training?

See the graphic below with some questions that may help you shape your training offer. (You can also download this graphic as a PDF.)

Community Toolkit Infographic

Once you have thought about these questions, and started putting a shape on your training offer, you could then start to explore:

You could also get some ideas of how other stations are delivering training in the case studies and employability pages.

Why train?

Asked why community radio stations should engage in training, Shane Carey of Reprezent said, simply: “Well, if it’s community radio, the clue’s in the title. It’s about the community.”

In the video below, Christine Cox of ALLFM talks about how training benefits both the station and the trainees.



Your community radio station depends on offering opportunities to your community to have a voice, helping both community members and your station in the process. Your volunteers need to develop the skills and understandings required to become presenters, and, as a result, to make good radio that people will want to listen to, which, in turn can bring revenue into the station. As we’ve said in the Community Radio Toolkit: “training and personal development are the heartbeat of community radio.”  All community radio stations train, to a greater or lesser extent and these pages are to help improve that training or looking at how other people can benefit from it.

But not only is training about giving opportunities to your volunteers, it is also a potential source of direct revenue for your station. Individuals and organisations may be interested in training in, for example, media awareness or production, or IT skills, or how to become more employable – and these are all things that your station could provide. Moreover, this training is a service for which people or organisations may be willing to pay, or for which you could draw in funding. Training is potentially a source of income for your station – and these pages are designed to give you ideas and resources for how to deliver training, as well as examples of training other stations are offering.


Why should people do training with a community radio station?

In the video below, Shane Carey of Reprezent lays out what people will get out of a community radio training programme.



What should a community radio station do to get started training?

Here is Shane Carey of Reprezent with some advice for community radio stations getting started with training.