Health FM Jargon Buster

Jargon/ terms to use:

  • “Health as a Social Movement”
    • to promote more resilient, self-supporting and connected communities; growing and engaging volunteers, and hearing the voice from outside the system
  • “The missing thousands”.
    • Number of people living with an undiagnosed medical condition. How can community radio reach and influence them?
  • “Asset-Based”
    • An umbrella term for a wide range of person and community-centred approaches which enable individuals to access activities, support and expertise in their community which is tailored to their personal interests, goals and support needs. These activities, which promote self-care and improve health and wellbeing, are largely delivered by VCSE organisations and un-constituted community groups. They can focus on any issues where people have shared interests and have a wider therapeutic benefit to health and wellbeing
  • “Strengths-Based”
  • “Person-Centred”
  • “Holistic”
  • “People powered change”
  • “Social action”