Community radio is an extraordinary thing.  It happens all over the world, has many common threads and yet every station is as unique as the community it serves.

The Community Radio Toolkit is an attempt to make life easier for people setting up and running community radio stations by publishing and discussing the things that we have in common – making life easier to allow you to spend more time on the things that make you unique.

This website has a mixture of the Community Radio Toolkit book – published in 2005 – along with other resources we’ve produced more recently such as the Social Media section.

We are UK-based but a lot of what you’ll find here travels way beyond our borders – over 20% of our users are non UK-based.  We hope that you find the resources useful and we’d love to hear your opinions and stories.  We’re looking forward to the conversations and we’ll publish the best of them.

Latest news

  • We Want Your Stories!

    We’ve all got them – those stories that simply describe what makes community radio special; the volunteers who’ve gone the extra mile to achieve what no one thought was possible or just those simple ideas that make life easier at the radio station.  We believe that those stories travel, indeed that they should travel because […]

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  • Photo: Coming soon from Radio Regen

    Coming soon from Radio Regen

    Radio Regen has two main projects on the go at the moment – Employment FM and a Social Media Toolkit.  We hope the names are self explanatory.  The Social Media Toolkit is there for all to see on this site and as well as lots of nuts and bolts about how to maximise the impact of good […]

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